Hambisela Parents & Caregivers Programme

The Hambisela Parent & Caregiver training programme enables improvement in the daily circumstances of people with cerebral palsy by building capacity within the family and community:

  • Increasing the understanding of cerebral palsy as a condition, and how it affects a person;

  • Increasing the level of basic caregiving skills in handling, feeding, communication, play, and everyday activities – these skills are based on sound therapeutic principles;

The programme was developed for individuals who are directly involved in caring for persons with cerebral palsy on a daily basis – i.e. parents and caregivers, and the content is designed to be specifically relevant and understandable to individuals at all levels of education and literacy.

The programme is presented by a healthcare professional with some experience in the care for individuals with cerebral palsy.  The content is very practical and interactive in nature, and strives to teach the underlying principles to the participants instead of the rote learning of facts.

The Hambisela wheel of content





















How can I use the Hambisela Parent & Caregiver Training Programme?

The short answer is: "in any way that suits the needs of your community". However, the programme is designed to be used in a participatory group style, with the contents and structure providing the best learning opportunity. We have produced a series of short videos to provide some guidance on how to use the programme - please find them on our Youtube Channel.

Training in action!

Learning tips to help with mealtimes...
Try lying on the ground yourself for some added perspective...
Use your whole body to provide help with support.
Try out feeding tips on each other.
Drinking from a cup requires you to tilt your head backwards.
Experience the effect of adjustment to posture.
What is right in the picture?
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