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Responding to a need of qualified therapists for training on CP-specific therapy skills the Association started providing several training courses for therapists and other health care workers to improve the level of primary healthcare received by individuals with cerebral palsy from their community healthcare facilities.  These courses are provided on an ongoing basis.  One of the latest developments is to provide training via webinars to reach a wider audience.


In 2016 the Association arranged the first GMA (General Movement Assessment) course in South Africa presented by Dr C. Einspieler (co-creator of the GMA assessment method).  The General Movements Assessment is a non-invasive and cost-effective way to identify neurological issues which may lead to cerebral palsy and other developmental disabilities. It also has a high predictive ability to identify infants at risk for developing cerebral palsy and is recommended to use as a tool for early identification. 

We are registered on the Central Supplier Database with number MAAA0455439 for those who work in government and would like to apply for our courses as part of their skills development plan.


We strive to provide a variety of high quality, CPD accredited training programs.  We are also the proud hosts of the National CP Conference 2020!  Please select one of the courses from the list below for more information and registration details:

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Hambisela Pro:

Basic principles of assessment and treatment of cerebral palsy

Hambisela Pro Online:

Basic principles of assessment and treatment of cerebral palsy

Prechtl's method on the qualitative assessment of general movements

(Basic and Advanced)


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