Our Association strives to build and maintain a layered and tiered sustainability plan, including layers of funders (corporate sponsors, trusts and estates, public campaigns, events, National Lottery, service sales). Each of these layers are tiered into different levels of funding, with senior sponsors identifying as lead sponsors of projects, through to mid-tier and entry-tier sponsors. This design is intended to enable the Association to operate sustainably over time, providing a long-term relationship with funders, but at the same time without developing over-dependence on individual funders.

The Association continually identifies potential sponsors and motivates for new sponsorship. Annual public events & campaigns provide a baseline of community-based funding to the Association.

National Lottery funding is utilised towards general overheads as well as project-specific activities.

Variable project activities are usually undertaken only subject to committed funding availability. The Association also generates income from sales of specialist services (training, consultations), and is actively developing this source of income.


Account name:  Cerebral Palsy Association (Eastern Cape)

Account type:  FNB Cheque Account 

Account number:  54590035572

Branch code:  210049

VAT number:  4050119215

Funding Hall of Fame - Our Historical Funders


Cerebral Palsy Association (Eastern Cape)

54 Admiralty Way, Summerstrand
Port Elizabeth

Phone: +27 41 583 2130

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