Miena Combrinck

Hambisela Occupational Therapist

Miena is an Occupational therapist who qualified at Stellenbosch University in 2007. After completing her community service in Harrismith in 2008, she worked on geriatric rehabilitation for the National Health Service in the United Kingdom. Following her return to South Africa, in 2011 Miena worked in Stellenbosch in the school sector, where she also enjoyed mountain biking and trail running in the beautiful Jonkershoek valley. Her adventures in Stellenbosch formed and shaped her passion and heart for working with children in the community.

Over the years of her professional experience, Miena has completed several specialist courses, including the Beginner course in Gestalt Play Therapy, and the SAISI course in Sensory Integration Theory and Test Mechanics. She is further trained in Basic Seating, and has completed the Malamulele Onwards CP Practical Course. Miena is also qualified to perform General Movement Assessment for early identification of Cerebral Palsy.

In 2014 Miena relocated to Port Elizabeth, in supporting her husband with his work in the ministry. The move enabled Miena to take up a position within the Hambisela Programme at the Cerebral Palsy Association (Eastern Cape), fulfilling her heart’s desire for the community and working with children! The Combrinck baby boy was born in 2016 and has proved to love exploring the outdoors and chewing on his toothbrush. Even though their mountain bikes have gathered some dust, they still enjoy spending time kayaking on the ocean.