Ukhetho is a transition planning programme which is structured to develop individual’s decision-making and transition-planning skills – enabling them to successfully negotiate the transitions in their lives (for example from school to tertiary education or employment, or from dependent to independent living).
What Ukhetho does
Ukhetho assists young (and young-at-heart) individuals affected by cerebral palsy within a structured programme of transition planning. Transition planning aims to identify opportunities and experiences during their school and early adult years which will help them better prepare for life as independent adults. Transition planning with Ukhetho is an enabler – it can assist participants in securing employment, pursuing post-secondary education and fully participating in community life. Ukhetho provides a structured planning framework, and supports the individual as they learn about their choices, and plan and undertake their own transitions in life. Ukhetho doesn’t do what individuals must do for themselves – this will never build independence.
When should transition planning start?
What approach does Ukhetho use?
What does Ukhetho mean?
Where does Ukhetho operate?
What are the focus points of Ukhetho?
What does Ukhetho offer?